Natural Rhythm

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

Hello and welcome. I'm in Finnish Lapland right now, and I really wanted to bring you to the woods, I really wanted to bring you to the naturally flowing waters, the crystal-clear clean nature and air. So I hope you can get an idea of this place even if you can't touch it or smell it, or feel it.

I'm sorry, the light is not the best for the video, but for nature, it definitely is today, because the sun is shining. And actually at this time of year the sun is shining all the time. It's called Midnight Sun, and it's pretty amazing, you know, even in the middle of the night, the sun doesn't go down at all, it just stays above these trees. I was filming it the other night at one o'clock and I think that that was the lowest point that it got to, staying above the trees, and then it started to get up again! So really, really amazing.

What I wanted to talk about today is our natural rhythm. Each one of us, we have our natural rhythm, our body rhythm, our system rhythm. And you know, it's...

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Emotional Detox

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2020

Hello! I want to talk about emotional detox symptoms again. This is one of my favorite topics, but you know, it so often goes hand in hand with opening to our excellences, or opening to a new level, or widening our perspective, when we are up-leveling.

A dear friend and colleague of mine was participating in my Monday Energy Transmission System, which is free by the way, to anyone. Straight after the session she sent me a message, and she said, "Wow, what an opening! What kinds of insights I got! I'm in a totally different place now. I just feel a huge amount of love. Suddenly everything is so clear to me!"

Obviously, to the questions that she had had before the session, she got insights, she got answers to those questions, and got her feet back. It was so amazing that I called her the next day. And I was asking, "Hey, what happened? How are you?" And she goes like, "Oh my God, I feel so terrible. I feel totally, totally awful here!" And I'm like, "Okay..." And then I'm saying,...

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Why? When? What?

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

Hello and welcome. Today I have a few words about why anyone should be interested in The Excellence Code - the existing strengths, master skills, and excellent skills inside of us?

Well, first of all, the fact is that we are consciously aware of only 5% of our daily activities, and 95% of the time we are walking and being active on autopilot. That means that we don't pay attention. We don't consciously pay attention to what we do, but our autonomic system is really taking care of our functions.

In that 95%, there really is a lot to discover. That's one reason. And here, I want to mention a book that was written in 2013. The name of the book is Quiet and it was written by Susan Cain. And in this book, Susan Cain describes the world of introvert people. And it's a known fact that in society being an introvert is not always seen, or is not seen as a good quality. 

I mean being silent, being shy, being quiet, being serious are not necessarily seen as good qualities in general. So...

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Our 95-5 awareness - discovering the key to fulfillment

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2020

Hello and welcome. Hey, I want to talk about two things today. The first thing is our personal qualities and how we really can make our living on our personal qualities in future jobs, and the jobs we have today, too. And the second thing is how little we are aware of our personal qualities.

Some time ago, something really made me stop and realise this. What was it? Well, I was reading a social media site where people were describing their jobs, what they do for a living, how much time they are ACTUALLY living, et cetera. There was one person who was describing what they had been doing for few years already. They had been earning more, whilst really living more than ever before. And now I'm really burrowing their words, they said, "The best thing, the most amazing thing, is that I am making my living just by being myself. Just being me." And I think it's really fascinating.

And it's a sign that yes, we are in the future that we were predicting at the beginning of this century. We...

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Quantum Leap of the Mind

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Hello and welcome. I want to talk about Quantum Leap of the Mind.

What I mean by that is a change for the better. Our system is programmed to scan everything that is not normal in our environment, and isn’t in our range of experience. When something that is not normal happens in our environment, or we experience something that is not normal, our system starts to alert - we might not pay attention to why, but we might start feeling emotions, some not so comfortable emotions like anxiety and being scared, having fear or feeling sudden anger or hatred towards something. Then, it's good to stop and see what it really is about, since it might happen that we are running into something that is not normal to our system.

I mean, for example, the background where I come from - in our family, hard work was really appreciated. And if someone was taking it easy, that was not appreciated at all! It was said that you should earn your living by working hard. So in that thinking and that kind...

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Turning Your Existing Strengths into Excellences

excellences May 26, 2020

Trying to develop while focussing on your problems is a LOT harder than finding out what you are good, strong or excellent at already, and building from there.

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