Let nothing dim the light that shines from within

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2020

Hello dear friend,

I'm going to talk today about two cases where clearing their own self-sabotage and clearing own blocks allowed people to really open to their excellence skills and really let them shine at work. 

The first example is about my friend Kate who had some difficulties at work, and after clearing her blocks her whole experience about her work environment changed, and also her colleagues' attitude towards her changed. 

Kate has always been a hard working woman. She is really talented, really bright and, able to think in large scale. So, she was in a new workplace and she was experiencing some odd behavior from her superiors and some of her colleagues. People were playing nasty games behind her back. For example a very compolicated project which she was responsible of and which she had managed to complete in a superb way, was just given to someone else without any notice, without even asking her opinion. 

This was not the first time on her working career, when someone was trying to bully her an play nasty games. Her colleagues were simply not accepting her neither allowing her to bring in her expertise. 

What happened? She couldn’t change the other people at work, neither was she in a situation to change to another job at that time. So, she just started processing her own self sabotage and blocks and can you imagine what happened? 

It did not happen overnight, but within few months time everything changed at her work. 


Now she has been working in the same workplace for several years and she finds her work really interesting. She thinks her work is challenging in a positive way, and she has good relationships with her superiors and with her colleagues. 

She doesn't find any of the circumstances that were there few years ago existing anymore. And only thing that changed was herself. She was clearing her self sabotage, her blocks, the old programming that was not supporting her own wellbeing in any way. It just seems to be that once the old blocks are cleared away our reality changes. The other people around us change. 


So please let your excellence to the surface, bring it visible to everyone. It's not selfish. When we bring own excellences to the surface, this time specially when rapid changes can happen worldwide in a very short time, we should be working through our personal qualities, where our gifts are. Our work should be consisting of things we enjoy, things what matters to us and on our skill strenghts.Only then we can bring the best to the world too.

I promised to tell you another example. This is also from Kate, but an another issue. As said she's been really hard working woman and really taking her responsibility and taking also other people's responsibilities on her shoulders. She needed to face the responsibility-issue and clear her self-sabotage there too to maintain her healthy energy balance. 

It is often a little bit of a trap when people know that you are really good and that they can trust you do your work. The tendency is, that this kind of people are given tasks to do, often to the point when they say no, hopefully they say no. So, Kate was really working hard and she was just given more and more work and all kinds of tasks until she felt that she's getting close to burnout level. So she stopped. Again, she started looking inside herself and clearing her own blocks, clearing her self sabotage. You can guess how this story ended? Yes, things changed again for the better.

When I was checking in with her a couple of days ago, she told me when she is thinking about her workload it feels totally normal. "I'm just thinking to whom shall I delegate that task, who could take responsibility of that area and who could take responsibility of this area? Yes, my work load feels totally fine. Totally normal. Everything is as, as it should." She said. 

So yes, let your excellence be there and be visible, and please do let the others take their responsibilities and do take care of yourself.

If you want to check your own energy balance, I have a free Energy Pyramid Workbook, which you can just upload. There is some tasks for you to do and there is a test which gives you clear information of how your energy balance is at the moment. What is bringing you energy? What is consuming your energy and where you are at? The Energy Balance Workbook brings some clarity, in case you feel a little bit thoughtful and how to get energized at work now that the autumn time with the normal workload is beginning.

So please check in there. And if you need any further support, please let me know. My mission is to help people out from career crisis and to feel good about their work. 

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