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Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

Hey, how are you?
I hope you're doing really well, that you've had good summer holidays and
you're ready to start your autumn inspired and energized. And congratulations
if you are feeling inspired and energized - you are like my friend Lena. She's almost always like that! She just told me just a few weeks ago that when her kids were small and she was planning the coming autumn - all the things that needed to fit into the family calendar, she was inspired and exited about the planning process. 
She didn't worry how she would manage to schedule everything, she was inspired and excited to find the solution that would make everyone in the
family happy, and where she'd have time to do her own important things.

You might be feeling, ”Autumn approaching feels great, my work feels great,” yet at the same you have uneasy feeling inside. You feel something is not really
matching, and if so, I encourage you to do a little energy balance check -

Have a look at the different areas of your life, your closest relationships, your personal relationship with yourself, and your work environment - are you receiving as much energy as you're giving away in each area? Is your battery being charged as well as powering? That balance is crucially important for your sense of well-being.

You'll find my Energy Balance Workbook in the link, and it's free. Use it to guide yourself through checking through your inner feelings, to see where the in-balance is. 

Perhaps you're returning to work soon, and feel exhausted just thinking about it.  You might be having thoughts like: “My work really doesn't give me anything", "This takes all my energy and I don't get anything back", "I know it's really important but I don't feel able to give it what it deserves", or "There must be something more for me out there." There might even be an urgency in your thoughts, like "I need to do something now. Later will be too late!"
If this is how you feel, it's best to stop and analyze what it's about -

In this case I recommend you to start with my Energy Pyramid Workbook to get clarity. It's free to download from the link, and when you've done the exercises you'll be clear on where the blockages are.

And if you want to start clearing those blockages, finding your inspiration and regaining your energy, that's where I come in to the picture. My task is to guide, help and to support you in finding clarity, making a roadmap for you, and taking your next steps to get where you want to be. 

I have many clients who have made huge, powerful, beautiful realizations, some focussing on a new ways to be happy in their work, others changing to an entirely new, fulfilling career.

Take Cathy, for example - she was really not feeling okay with her work. She was anxious, simply not comfortable in her own skin. She thought she needed to change her work. She said, "I can't work in an environment where I need to be sitting all day long. I am an outdoors person!" So Cathy worked through it with me, and realized she could simply ask her boss if she could organize her work differently. She wanted to work outside in the park, in the sunshine instead of sitting in the office. When she made this tiny change, she regained her energy and carried on working at the same place, happily. There was no actual need to change the jobs. 

Another client, Rita, was no longer feeling that she wanted work to consume all her energy. She didn't want all responsibility she had as manager of the accounts department of a large corporation. She wasn't feeling the spark
of being a manager anymore. She came up with the solution that was perfect for her. She asked to be downgraded - and she could support the others without being responsible for everything. She started thinking her most important job was to support her colleagues and boost their energy. She never said it out loud, but she found that her main purpose was to create good and supportive energy in her workplace. Can you think how important that is? Shouldn't we all have someone at our workplaces, to take care of the energy level?! 
Sometimes when you are not feeling good or energized at your work, the simple
solution could be refocusing. It can change your whole energy: a simple solution without you needing to change jobs.

In another situation you might realize you need to change career, or start your own business, I can help enormously with your mindset - I've taken the career leap from employee to entrepreneur. I've sold my business, and built a new business. I've been working nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur. So I really know what it's about, and I really know how scary that leap from employee to business owner can be. I can support you through all the steps and help you find the right choice for you, and how to make your work-life can self-energizing. 
We spend more than third of our 24 hour day at work. Work is an essential part of our lives, so let's make the best outcomes from it.

Click the button above to book a one-to-one session with me if you want to get clear, find a great solution, and take the next steps. Let's clarify it for you together. You deserve to feel energized at work! I'll see you very soon. Marja

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