Quantum Leap of the Mind

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Hello and welcome. I want to talk about Quantum Leap of the Mind.

What I mean by that is a change for the better. Our system is programmed to scan everything that is not normal in our environment, and isn’t in our range of experience. When something that is not normal happens in our environment, or we experience something that is not normal, our system starts to alert - we might not pay attention to why, but we might start feeling emotions, some not so comfortable emotions like anxiety and being scared, having fear or feeling sudden anger or hatred towards something. Then, it's good to stop and see what it really is about, since it might happen that we are running into something that is not normal to our system.

I mean, for example, the background where I come from - in our family, hard work was really appreciated. And if someone was taking it easy, that was not appreciated at all! It was said that you should earn your living by working hard. So in that thinking and that kind of presumption, there doesn't fit any picture of an easy life. And when one then tries to enter an easier life, one of the seven wonders of the world - if we are not careful, our system kicks back, our system alerts with uneasy emotions where often our thinking gets hooked with uneasiness, and our thinking starts to make scenarios, and then we start to believe our scenarios - our emotions will be increasing those uneasy emotions. And there will be a snowball effect, we might start to believe in those scenarios, and then turn back from our new life choices. I've seen this all so many times around me, and I've experienced it many times within myself.

Lately, with so much of my life passed, suddenly it gets a hundred times easier than it was earlier - and I'm totally blown away. I've done a lot of work with myself regarding an easier life, accepting an easier life, stopping being so hard on myself working through all those beliefs, et cetera. And still today it really pounds in my heart - every time something beautiful happens, I get tears in my eyes. It's really like stepping into a new mood!

So here's a couple of tips. When stepping into a new reality, into the better reality, making the quantum leap for the mind - please pay close attention to what happens in your body, mind, emotions, your whole system.

Please do not believe all your thoughts. Please don't go with all of your feelings, all of your emotions, but just pay attention, scan and observe what you are feeling. And at the same time as observing what is happening, stay connected with yourself, with your emotions, with your body, with your thoughts, and stay still, observing what is really happening here.

And if you realize there is an unnecessary alert, you can question it, and maybe you can process what is behind it. It's often some old belief, or family value, or other programming. So process it, see it objectively, because that thinking doesn’t fit with your new choices. 

When you have stepped into the better kind of reality, it's like taking the first step on the moon! It's a tiny step and it's a quantum leap.

It’s staying alert, scanning, observing neutrally and staying with your emotions, with your body, with your sensations, connecting with them, and not letting them try you. 

If you have any inquiries, please send me a message. I'm happy to help you. Bye. Marja

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