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Uncategorized Nov 29, 2020

I want to talk about self-support because it is always an important topic. Do you remember the announcement they make in the aeroplane: in the moment of emergency first, put the oxygen mask to yourself and then to your child. Why is this? If you are not putting the oxygen mask first on your face, you are not either able to take care of the child.

I want to pay attention, especially to our thoughts and emotions:

How are your thoughts supporting you? Is your relationship to your emotions, supporting your wellbeing?

As an example, I tell you my own story from this morning and how my thoughts were not at all supportive and self-caring soon as I had got up and how I started questioning my thoughts and my emotions when I realized what I was doing to myself: I was about to ruin my whole day.

So, I woke up this morning, not having supportive thoughts at all. I didn't sleep well, had some nightmares and my tiny puppy peed on the rug first thing in the morning when I got up.

So my first emotions were not supportive at all, and my thoughts were even far less supportive. I was really in a bad mood for a moment, and the thought streams were busy ruining my whole week. But then I made myself to stop and question: Hey, what is this?

And I realized that, yes, I have a personal up-levelling process going on. So there are natural emotions attached to that. Different kinds of emotions belong naturally to a change process: fear, anger, grief, as well as peace and joy too. I was studying my state and my thoughts for a moment and realized that everything is quite alright.

When I know that my emotions are just part of the change process, knowing already gives some relief. And the other thing is to question the thoughts.

Is my thought supporting me, when I think my day is getting ruined because my tiny puppy peed on the rug? Well, not exactly a supportive one. So what would be more supportive thought instead?

Now, when it's a few hours since she did that, I realized so many supportive thoughts that she doesn't get me anymore in a bad mood.

So two things to remember: emotions and thoughts.

Thoughts feed emotions and emotions feed thoughts. It's good to be aware of them both and question them time-to-time. We can choose our thoughts, and we can get information from our emotions.

I don't believe in resisting the emotions, but understanding them and letting them flush through and not give them too much power. Emotions are only emotions and the way our system is getting our attention, questioning us if our environment safe or is it not safe.

Hope you're having a good, self-supportive week with lots of inspiring experiences.


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