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Uncategorized Jun 10, 2020

Hello and welcome. Today I have a few words about why anyone should be interested in The Excellence Code - the existing strengths, master skills, and excellent skills inside of us?

Well, first of all, the fact is that we are consciously aware of only 5% of our daily activities, and 95% of the time we are walking and being active on autopilot. That means that we don't pay attention. We don't consciously pay attention to what we do, but our autonomic system is really taking care of our functions.

In that 95%, there really is a lot to discover. That's one reason. And here, I want to mention a book that was written in 2013. The name of the book is Quiet and it was written by Susan Cain. And in this book, Susan Cain describes the world of introvert people. And it's a known fact that in society being an introvert is not always seen, or is not seen as a good quality. 

I mean being silent, being shy, being quiet, being serious are not necessarily seen as good qualities in general. So she wrote a whole book, giving facts of how introvert people, they are not 'lesser' at all and are actually NEEDED. So my point is that it's not only about an introvert being an introvert, but that we all have qualities which we haven't really been paying any attention to, which we're neglecting, which we're not seeing at all or honoring.

In this 95%, in which ways are we operating on autopilot? There is a lot to be farmed here. So how can we become aware and what does it does it look like? I want to tell you about one person and her quality. She was participating my training and she was sad that she didn't have a 'Go Getter' quality. 

But then we started studying the qualities she DOES have. And what did we find out? We found out that she has a quality, an innate gift of having nice things just to fall in her lap. I mean, how amazing is that? And we sure all wanted to learn about that! And, you know, when we started studying it, and we were able to really pay attention to it, it changed our perspective. It changed to a perspective where yes, there's something that's already good and perfect. The sad thing is that normally in the workplace or in general, you know, the 'Go Getter' quality is really highly respected, but we really seldom pay attention to other kinds of qualities. And in her case, what it meant, it meant that she was still without being a 'towards the target' person. She was still able to follow the timetables! 

Actually, she was one of the most accurate people following timetables. She was meeting the goals. She just didn't rush. She was waiting long enough. And she was really paying attention to all kinds of elements happening in the environment. She was really observing everything first long enough. And she had the amazing quality that if something was proposed to her, she wasn't saying, "No!" immediately. She always stayed open and listened to see if something could be combined with what was proposed, or how could it be used before saying no, but there was always this openness.

So there are all sorts of qualities that we could celebrate when we pay attention and honor them. And this too is my point - there are so much qualities inside each one of us that we are not honoring, and we are not paying attention to. Once we start honoring our qualities, they become visible, so other people can honor them too. 

And you deserve to be honored for all your qualities, all your good qualities, since there are plenty. We all deserve to be honored, for our good, strong and excellent qualities.

So, when? When should one start examining, backtracking, their excellence code, their strengths, their master skills, and their excellent skills? I think that there's not much reason to usually - if everything is flowing beautifully, would you even pay attention to a thing like that?  But when you feel some kind of stone in your shoe - when there's turmoil, when you feel that you need to develop, when there is change, or anything that feels disturbing, then it could be a good time to turn your inner flashlight on and stop, see and study your excellence skills. 

So, how? How do you do that? You can, of course, always sign-up for my online training or one to one coaching, or you can study by yourself. And from there, when you start to pay attention to your own excellent qualities, you are able to develop. We develop best through our strengths. So when really becoming aware of those qualities that we normally don't pay any attention to, our treasures that are worth really discovering and celebrating.

You deserve to get all the success, you deserve to be honored for all your beautiful qualities. Becoming aware of them is a really good start because that opens so much more.

Hey, I'm hope you are having an inspiring day. See you soon.

Bye. Marja


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