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Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Hello and welcome.

I have a guest today with me. May I introduce my tiny puppy Rosa. I wanted you to meet my puppy today because I'm going to talk about her as well. And I'm going to talk about how to move from striving to receiving.

We are very often used to the mindset that we should try a little bit more, we should learn a little bit more. We should be a little bit more: we should be thinner, thicker, taller, shorter, brighter. We should be educated in this instead of that, we should be always something else than... And there we go. We try to fill in the holes, we try to accomplish what we are lacking, we try to fit the mold. Point is that we all do already have everything inside of us we need.

We all do have our excellence code inside of us.

We have all that it takes to lead an excellent life that feels good. It might be different to each one of us individually. We all do have excellent skills inside. We just could let our skills support us more. We have succeeded a million times, a trillion times, in a vast range of things. We can benefit those old experiences in new circumstances totally consciously just by inviting the old experiences, the existing excellence skills to the surface, to our conscious awareness.

What I mean by the fact that we all do have everything already inside of us: If you look for example this little puppy here, she has extremely talented motor skills. And you should've seen her when she was a tiny baby; she was running, she was jumping, she was doing all kinds of unbelievable moves like a crazy Spiderman and she had no limitations. So, but then what happened? She injured her hip.

We needed to teach her to not climb up the stairs and she learned that "skill" in one week only.

Even though it is now two months since the injury happened and her hip is totally okay now, she still sits down at the foot of the stairs and waits for me to carry her. Even though you think that running, jumping and climbing the stairs would be the most natural thing for a tiny puppy dog to do.

My point is that similar things happen to us people.

We learn all kinds of skills during our life and then we tend to forget about them for some reason - maybe something happened that made us shut down, or perhaps we simply forget about our skills.

Maybe someone told us we are nothing even if we would be excellent and we take that as truth. Regarding writing this is what happened to me: In high school I was loved writing. My class was preparing for the matriculation test and the teacher gave advice to each student separately. When it came to my turn, she suddenly shouted across the room at me: "Oh you, I'm not giving you any advice because it doesn't help!" That was a total shock to me.

Ever since that day, even though I've been writing professionally in my work a lot, I couldn't write really anything personally, from my personal point of view. This old incident caused a shut down. I learnt as quickly NOT to write anymore as my puppy learnt NOT to climb the stairs.

We all have these kind of experiences. And still, our excellence is there. That's my point.

Once we allow our excellence to be, once we pay attention to our excellent skills, once we start to make friends or treasure hunting our excellence skills again, we are able to re-reveal them and we are able to benefit them more. All our beautiful, excellent skills are in our cell memory, in our muscle memory. They are there and we could start to use them again. Sometimes we need to do a little bit of process work with those old "literature teachers" but still our excellent skills are there. We all have excellent skills inside. You got it. I got it. This tiny puppy got it.

Very often we think that our skills should be something peculiar, something outrageously special. Sometimes we think that only the top politicians or top sportsmen or top musicians or scientists have it. But that is not true. We all have it.

Our excellent skills are to be found in those normal daily things, normal daily tasks that we do. They are found in our thinking patterns, in our practices, in our work, in things that we do most naturally. They are in tasks that we do really quickly without paying any attention to them or they are in our work processes that we accomplish like in flow. It's there for all of us.

Once we get access to our excellent skills, we can invite them to help us when we face new circumstances, new problems or new things we need to learn. We can invite our existing excellent skills by asking: "Hey, what can I benefit from what I have learned earlier?”

Let me tell you about my Pilates teacher. He is simply an amazing person.

He has such an amazing rhythm in his classes. One of the Pilates principles is to keep the flow, the rhythm in movement, but he's in a league of his own. His creativity is mind-blowing and the way he's able to notice everything, it feels as if he really sees inside of me. He seems to see all the tiny muscles inside of me.

When I got to know him better he told me that he was a musician as his first profession. That explains his amazing rhythm in classes. Then he was a therapist, gym instructor, etc, etc. All his excellent skills, everything that he IS actually causes him to be an amazing Pilates teacher. And this is what we all can do. We can consciously benefit from the skills that we already have inside, the skills that we learnt earlier. We can let our excellence skills lead our way, make our life easier.

I want to borrow my teacher's words here, since I think they just nail it beautifully

"That has been for me, the key to a healthy fulfilled life.
I don't feel well if I'm not allowed to be who I really am.
I had to grow up to be who I am.
And I had to experience being accepted for who I am.
If I'm not able to be the real me, I am not able to be genuinely who I am.
And I then I won't be able to pass on my expertise genuinely.
I am not even close to my own potential if I need to shrink down some part of myself.
I am the best version of me when I'm allowed to be who I am with all the sides that I have."

The more I see people around me having an inner allowance to be fully who they are without striving to be more this, more that, less that or totally something else, the more they are just allowing themselves to be what they naturally are, the more in flow they are.

They start receiving instead of striving.

I've noticed it in my own life too. As long as I was striving, as long as I was trying to be who I thought I needed to be, to fit the cultural or family mold, things were stuck and difficult. But when I let go of trying to fit in, things became a whole lot easier. And most of all, more enjoyable, more fun. Life started flowing.

Just realize your own excellence that already exists in you every day, whether it is in the skill of cleaning the house or in cooking the most amazing food or in sports or in communications or in leadership. Just turn your inner flash light on and appreciate what you have already. When you start paying attention you'll discover more and that will lead you to the flow of receiving.

Me and Rosa are wishing you an inspiring day.

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