Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want? Is it hard for you to fit together with your private and career life? Are you unhappy with your current work but don't know which direction you should take? 

All the answers are already within you. When you study what brings you joy, what is meaningful to you, and which are your excellence skills, you'll find your inner compass. You can make better choices for yourself when you know your compass and use it. Inside you, there is also the core of your silent know-how, your tacit dimension, which I call by the name The Excellence Code.

How can you co-operate better with your silent knowledge?  

When you learn to co-operate with your hidden knowledge consciously, your career life becomes more effortless, and you step into the flow, where good things fall in your lap without you needing to push, pull or grasp.

The Positive Career Change Mastermind group is an energizing alternative for studying yet another diploma when you want to gain energy and get the boost you need for levelling up. More information doesn't provide you with expansive capacity, but open, trustful communication and spar do.

Mastermind group will help you to get what you want.

I'm inviting you to create a success you love in my Positive Change Mastermind Group! 

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Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

1750,00 € (incl.VAT.)
Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

2550,00 € (incl.VAT.)

Success is liking yourself,  liking what you do and

liking how you do it.

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What are the benefits of the Mastermind group? 

In the Mastermind group, you get, for example, the following benefits for your development support:

1. You learn consciously to communicate with your hidden knowledge, your hidden excellence. And you will learn to use your greater capacity for your benefit.
2. Support: you have the whole group know-how, support and spar for your good, for you to reach your goals.
3. Ideas: group members will give you new ideas, different perspectives and constructive feedback.
4. Resources and networks: our network has a huge amount of know-how. In the Mastermind group, the communication will be regular and goal-oriented, and different perspectives enrichen your thinking.
5. Peers: in a group, the wisdom and potential will expand, and as a result, you might even find new co-operation projects that you would not have come to even think about earlier.
6. Follow-up: the group will follow up and inspire you to reach your goals.

Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

1750,00 € (incl.VAT.)
Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

2550,00 € (incl.VAT.)
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The Mastermind Group brings help and support in developing work and business and finding an energizing balance in career life. The group provides you with the support and boost you need in your change and transformation process.


Mastermind is the leaders's tool, support and extended brain capacity. Members of the group are experienced professionals, entrepreneurs or managers in their fields.

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Client love:

I'd been wandering in the fog for several months. During the discussions and exercises, I noticed how many good things I had done, how correct the decisions I had done. I had made loads of good choices and taken the right actions that I hadn't even registered. The old self-limiting beliefs disappeared. I regained my confidence, my trust in my skills and my self-esteem. Motivated again as at the beginning of my career." - Jarmo Poukkula, Country Manager

When you learn to know the structure of your strengths and excellence skills, your tacit know-how, you can create a snowball effect of good things in your career life.

"Learning the structure of my strengths caused the snowball effect of good things! I realized what the secret to my successes was! When I realized what was going on, I could bring out my skills even more strongly. At the same time, I learned to see the strengths of my team members in a new way. Enthusiasm and results grew, and we all put our strengths and hearts into the work in a whole new way. The whole team raised its performance level. Our clients perceive us friendly and accessible, whatever the issue." - Anne, managing director.

"Our sales increased by 20% as I realized my strengths in a whole new way as I learned to use my Good Choices Compass and as I learned to pass on my realizations to the whole team." - Customer

I thought I couldn't push towards goals until I realized that my skill: letting good things fall into my lap when I needed them is just as good. In fact, it is a much more effortless way to achieve your goals. - Miina Karske

Mastermind-ryhmässä voi avautua sellaisistakin johtamistyön haasteista, joita ei voi luottamuksellisesti jakaa omassa tiimissä tai organisaatiossa.

Welcome onboard – get inspired by your excellence, get the boost to expand in the Mastermind group.  

The following group begins in 2022: The Positive Change Mastermind group.

1. Preliminary timetable, start date and closing date:

Thu, Jan, 27th, Start
Thu, Jun, 30th, End 

  • Total of 8 appointments in 6 months
  • Meetings on the zoom platform
  • A group session is always 1.5 hours at a time. Every participant gets coaching. 

2. What is included in the price?

You will get additional benefits as a member of the Mastermind Group when you sign-up and pay by 10:00 on the 15th of December

In addition to group sessions, as a member of the Mastermind Group, you will get all the early-bird benefits:

  • Five personal 45-minute coaching sessions (worth € 1 100)
  • The Excellence Code Online course, a 6-week online course with a weekly recorded live training section. (value 497 €).
  • Support in a Facebook group Mon-Fri during office hours: you get answers to any questions that arise
  • The Excellence Code e-book (will be published in spring 2022).

3. Rates

  • 1.750 € / Early Bird price/pp (+VAT when the customer is a company)
  • 2,550 € / person (+ VAT when the customer is a company), Normal price
  • Monthly payment instead of one-time? A monthly payment plan is possible. Please, send a separate request per email

4. Group size
The group size can be a maximum of ten people to secure an individual touch and keep the meetings reasonably long.



1. I cannot participate every time. Am I losing the benefit of the group sessions?
Mastermind group appointments get recorded and saved in our closed Facebook group. You can watch the recording if you are unable to attend the meeting. You can also view the recordings as many times as you want during the Mastermind group.
The online course gives you access to exercises to help you learn and track down your easily lost "features" as well as step signs of your skills. They will be freely available to you after the course.

2. Confidentiality

Team members commit to respecting each individual's privacy, so you can also freely open up about things that you can or don't want to talk about within your organization.

3. The Excellence Code Online course is included in the price. How will it be implemented?

All your questions regarding The Excellence Code online course get answered in The Mastermind group. The online course provides you with all the information and guidance you need to create your Good Choices Compass. You learn to track your hidden excellence skills and find your success recipes, which help you make good decisions for yourself, both in your career and your own life.

Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

1750,00 € (incl.VAT.)
Positive Career Change Mastermind Group

2550,00 € (incl.VAT.)

"Tukevassa, turvallisessa ja positiivisessa ilmapiirissä aivojen välille muodostuu sähköisiä yhteyksiä, jotka saavat aikaan sekä ryhmän että sen jäsenten potentiaalin kasvun eksponentiaalisti."

- Tutkija Katri Saarikivi, Aalto yliopisto, Kognitiivinen laitos

Sen me mahdollistamme Mastermind -ryhmässä: jokaisen jäsenen potentiaalin avautumisen uudelle tasolle. 

Lämpimästi tervetuloa! 

- Marja Koivisto


ILMOITTAUDU NYT: Varaa paikkasi tästä!

Siirrytään ilolla ja inspiraatiolla yhdessä seuraavalle tasolle! 

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