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I guide you to use your Excellence Code to live the life you want. You deserve to succeed and to be happy.  

What I really love about my work is when my clients realise they already have everything they need inside themselves. That realisation dawns and they light up! We then continue working together so I can guide them to use their amazing talents in an easy and effortless way.

Are you in turmoil, moving through a challegning transition, wanting to find your excellence or uplevel your life? Find out below how I can help you no matter what stage you're facing. Let’s start where you are at.

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Through challenging times.

When you are willing to step into new chapter of your life, then it is time to  start working towards your upleveled state.

You will be using your own existing strengths and skills. My task is to guide and to support your journey into an easier and more fulfilled life. 

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Find your true excellence.

95% of time we walk on autopilot. Think about that for a second - that means we are consciously aware of only 5% of our daily activities. When we learn a skill, when we become really good in our skill, really excellent, we often forget overtime how we learned it. This is because our excellence becomes our normal. When we study our excellences a little, when we backtrack our skills we gain split second precise accuracy and we are able to make recipes of our skills - recipes that others can follow, and of course you yourself can. As any recipe is repeatable and shareable, so is your excellence recipe. You have got plenty of such recipes inside of yourself!

Ask yourself which excellence you already have that you need right now - your system tends to answer you when you ask specific questions like this. You'll find that once you start to consider one of your existing skills and how you learned it, you can then just automatically apply your existing skill-learning method to your new issue. Isn't that fantastic! This is why I love what I do!

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Expand to the next level.

My favorite thing is to work together with someone else or in a group. That is also the easiest way to expand to the next level.

Scientists have proven that in a group where the atmosphere is safe and supportive, and where all the participants feel safe to express themselves fully, a connection is created between everyone's brains and – as it happens when you switch on lots of lights in a room light up at the same time it becomes incredibly bright – the group's capacity enables each participant to exceed their potential.

I highly recommend anyone anytime to work with a pair or in a group. It always helps and heightens the journey for everyone involved.

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Experiencing Self Sabotage?

Self Sabotage is a tricky phenomenon. One might need a second pair of eyes and ears to realize what’s going on. It is sometimes so subtle that one easily misses it. I have missed my self sabotage many many times!

When your project does not proceed or your work gets stuck, it’s good to stop and consider, with all your senses, what is going on.

Observe your thinking, your reactions, emotions and impulses. Question them. So, stop, locate the reaction, study and process your reaction if needed and get  in flow again.

I am happy to guide you through any issue or phase you are facing. 


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When you want to treat yourself some nurturing and healing time - or a soft and gentle way to uplevel. 

When life is hectic or turbulent one might not have much extra energy and sometimes our system just needs help in slowing down the engine to be able to realise and take the next best step. 

My clients find distance healing sessions soothing, balancing and energizing, while all they have to do is just to lean back and receive. When this is done regularly, the healing energy gently relieves issues you have that are stuck or have been been bothering for a longer time.  

I offer these sessions on weekly basis as a free gift and you may participate as often as you choose to. If the weekly free session time is not fitting your calendar you can also subscribe your private sessions, which you then can receive whenever you want to. 

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Through our work, I will guide you to recognise your excellent skills and to up-level to an easier life. You deserve to live a life that truly feels the best for you.

One to one session with Marja

€265,00 EUR
3 x One to one session with Marja

€630,00 EUR
6 x One to one session with Marja

€1.050,00 EUR

What clients, colleagues and friends say about Marja...

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You have an exceptional ability to create feel of presence with people you interact with, and while listening them hear what is important. This, with your big heart and desire to help people around you bring up the best of everyone you make contact with.

– Seppo

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Marja's superpower lies in making others to see what’s good in them. She is a TRUE listener. So patient and reliable. I know she would make a good leader but instead she has chosen to be a guide. A true gift.

– Miina

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