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Marja is an experienced specialist in the field of human well-being and helps people who want to uplevel, move forward and have clarity in what they do, More importantly she helps people to find the inner gift that they have, which she calls their inner "excellence code".

She loves to bring this out in people and help her clients not only to firstly recognise their gift but also to understand it completely so they can express it fully, and also to help other people to learn it themselves

She is enthusiastic in bringing each person’s strengths in to the daylight, to be seen and to be used for their own well-being.

About Marja
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Find out more about Marja.

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Marja has written two wonderful and inspirational books. Click here to view them.

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Take a look at Marja's videos to hear all about the Excellence Code and more. 

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Most of the time we are not aware of our excellences, and once we become aware of them it is as if another world opens to us... but here's the secret, it already exists - theres nothing to fix or improve - it is perfect as it is.

My online course and videos will help you to uncover this transition so that you may begin to develop your next direction.
The Excellence Code Mini Course
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Feel like you are in a period of transition in your life?

We can work together one to one to support your transition, let's have a call to discuss your plans.


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'You are strong. Not tough/hard, but strong. You bravely and boldly uphold your point of view and no one can lead you or mislead you. No one is able to manipulate you. I think your strength comes from the fact that you intuitively know, what is the TRUTH. You stand steadily on your own feet and your roots lay deep in the mother earth. You have a strong connection to the nature, as above as below. Over suddenly here comes a word: The Messenger.

You are strong, stand-up, honest and reliable - that's what you are.'

- Anne

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'Marja has the gift of being able to create a safe, loving space in which she intuitively and sensitively allows you to explore and resolve your issue.  She is a shining example of someone who walks their talk and lives life to the full. I feel so blessed to have her as a friend and colleague just wish that we saw each other more often!'

– Clare

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