Discover your Excellence
Discover your Excellence
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Hi, I'm Marja Koivisto 

I help executives and leaders to make a positive career change and wholly enjoy what they are doing.

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About Marja

I am a Career Clarity Coach who works with executives and leaders, helping them make positive changes in their career lives and finally feel happy and fulfilled about what they do. 

You can work with me 1:1, or you can sign-up in my Positive Career Change Mastermind Group.

No business can grow past your level of self-leadership.

You’ve done your MBA studies and got several other diplomas in your pocket. You have levelled up thanks to the support and self-confidence you got from your studies. Of course, you did all the studies and worked hard, but the most transcendent boost was from all your peers. After your studies, when you no longer have regular contact with most of your student colleagues, you start to notice you have lost a group of people who inspired and lifted you.  

Do you wonder where you get your good vibes, your exponential energy, that are essential at your work?

I get you.

You think you may need to take one more university-level course to get the same up-levelling force as from earlier studies. And you also know studying would change the focus and energy away from your actual work. Your family have been stretching for you too much too. 

You know you’re good at your work. You just need a positive challenge, someone to contemplate your work issues, and career moves with you.

You want to keep up with the motivation and drive, and that's what you have begun to lack.

You know there are lots more you can do. You want to learn to use your own capacity better for your benefit and wellbeing.

I can help you to make the positive career change you are missing.

To begin your positive change journey, get clear about your current situation first.


That's your starting point: to get clarity on

  1. where you are at and
  2. what are the real issues
  3. what you want instead
Positive Career Change beigins here: DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WORKBOOK to start
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Are you ready? - WORK WITH ME.

No business can grow past your level of self-leadership,

no self-leadership can develop without self-knowledge.


How to get motivated again without giving up your career? 

Are you fed up and hate getting up in the morning wishing you were somewhere else doing something else?

Studying with like-minded peers around felt just amazing and helped you to level up. But you can't keep studying and finding motivation in activities that take time and energy from your family life anymore. 

You want to enjoy both your career and your private life equally. Is it even possible?

You are missing the inspiring atmosphere and wonder should you move to another company.

Truthfully, you are tired. You don't have time to rest. Is it possible to maintain your career and gain back your energy?

I'm here to help you with these and many other questions - and during the period we are working together, you will get the means to make better decisions for you and YES, enjoy both: your career life and your private life. 

 - Let me help you.

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Book your FREE 15-minute Career Clarity consultation
Are you ready? - WORK WITH ME.
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Feel like you don't get inspired at your work?

We can work together one to one to for you to recover the inspiration and get fulfilled.

If you want to have a chat to settle any questions or get clear on what’s right for you, then you can schedule a Free 15-Minute Career Clarity consultation using the button below:


Yes, I want to book a FREE 15-minute Career Clarity consultation
Are you ready? - WORK WITH ME.

What clients, colleagues, and friends say about Marja...

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'You are strong. Not tough/hard, but strong. You bravely and boldly uphold your point of view and no one can lead you or mislead you. I think your strength comes from the fact that you intuitively know, what is the TRUTH. You stand steadily on your own feet and your roots lay deep in the mother earth. You have a strong connection to nature, as above as below.  To describe you with one word: The Messenger.

You are strong, stand-up, honest and reliable - that's what you are.'

- Anne

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'Marja has the gift of being able to create a safe, loving space in which she intuitively and sensitively allows you to explore and resolve your issue.  She is a shining example of someone who walks their talk and lives life to the full.' 

– Clare

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