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All about Marja...


I have been working on the field of human well-being closer to twenty years now. And I think still this is the most exiting thing: To help people and heart centered businesses to uplevel, to succeed and to prosper. To make a world a better place. 

I help each one in locating their inner gifts that they have, their inner excellence code.

I'm really exited in bringing each person’s strengths in to the daylight, to be seen and to be used for their own well-being.

I believe that each one of us we have our own Excellence Code somewhere in our system, and very often is also hidden, even from ourselves. Through finding out about our exellences, our strengths and our mastery skills, even the tacit knowledge in our system becomes transparent.

But when we start to really examine a certain skill, really to deep-interview it, on split-second precise accuracy. Then we are able to become aware of how do we do it and create a recipe of our skill. That recipe we are able to benefit ourselves, we can transfer it to another area in our life and adapt the recipe there. When we have a good recipe, it's easier to share our excellence with other people too. 

Once we learn the thinking behind this, we learn easier from the other people’s skills, we can exchange the knowledge on our skills, and by exchanging and sharing we can expand our own capacity and of those we are working with."

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What clients, colleagues and friends say about Marja...

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Well, you got a LOT of superpowers! You have stellar intuition and the ability to 'sniff out' when something is off when you're facilitating people. Your work on modelling is genius! You have a real gift for writing and you 'get shit done'. You galvanize people to go through to the next level 😀 xx

- Joel

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Your superpower is that you’ll see right away people in their true colors and can help them to be the best themselves in their lives.

- Marko

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