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This is why I help people after they finished their MBA - and they realize they are missing great support from their studies and peers.

Do you feel, that
- you are not a good fit with your current work anymore
- there has to be something else for you
- if you don't move you will shrink down your capacity
- you sense you have to make some kind of move soon, later it is too late

This is where I can help you. 

I am a career coach and my mission is to help women to move from career crisis to the work they love: 

They might start their own business, change job or re-invent their old job. Happy to help you to move to a work life that feels good and inspiring for you.

I was in my mid 30's when I had been thinking for a couple of years already that my work didn't really give me what I was longing for. I was doing great at my job and I was even proposed a higher post but it just didn't feel right. It felt that I couldn't see that kind of development path that I was missing. Neither did I know exactly what it really was that I was missing. My work didn't give me energy but felt more like just consuming and stressful.

I knew I had to do something real soon, since no-one would hire a woman 40+ to any remarkable post and I was getting close to that landmark. - At least that was my imagination then. 

After some consultation I still didn't know and I figured I neither could find out in the treadmill I was in. So, I decided to quit, to take a proper time out and then hopefully land on my "own path". 

That decision led me within couple of months to a career I could never have imagined for myself when I was still working in B2B. 

From the day one on my new career as an entrepreneur guiding my clients to improve their energy level and wellbeing, I knew I was in my own path, where I truly feel every day fulfilled and inspired. Every day.

Ever since 2002, I have committed to guiding people who want to feel energized, inspired and fulfilled at their work.

This is where I can help you:

I guide you out from your career crisis and help you to find the the work you love.

You get my help and support the whole way through during my 3 month coaching package:

- you get clarity: you get really to the core of why your job doesn't feel right
- you get a plan: your next steps towards your fulfilling work
- you get my support during your chage process to the work where you feel happy and fulfilled.

It can be starting your own business, finding a new job or re-creating yourself in your old job.

I've walked professional transformation path several times. I know what to wait and I can walk with you the trickiest moments.

Book a career clarity session with me and let's make your work-life happy and fulfilled!

Work with Marja

Download my Energy Balance Pyramid Workbook free of charge to get started

What clients, colleagues, and friends say about Marja...

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Well, you got a LOT of superpowers! You have stellar intuition and the ability to 'sniff out' when something is off when you're facilitating people. Your work on modelling is genius! You have a real gift for writing and you 'get shit done'. You galvanize people to go through to the next level 😀 xx

- Joel

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Your superpower is that you’ll see right away people in their true colors and can help them to be the best themselves in their lives.

- Marko

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