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About me

This is why I help people to Change their Career Positive 

You can watch an interview below by Joel Youg, where I tell about my work, books and of course our hidden excellence.

So, you've reached high in your career - and you don't enjoy what you do? 

Are you fed up and hate getting up in the morning wishing you were somewhere else doing something else? - Let me help you.

It is finally time to enjoy what you do and be happy at work!

You can't make a real change on your career if you lack energy and not align with what you want.

I get you, and this is where I can help you.

We got conditioned to believe our current circumstances are the best we can have even we feel unmotivated and unhappy.

I used to be like that. My energy level was low, and I thought my work did not make a real difference even I was working on a manager level, and they offered me a higher post.

I thought there must be something else for me.

I was not able to figure out what my future job could be. I thought what I had was the best I could get. There were so much fear and uncertainty about the future I felt drawn. I worked on my mindset, my fears, and my beliefs for six months. Then I made my decision to leap from corporate to start my own business.

I am a Career Clarity Coach who works with executives and leaders. I help my clients getting happy and fulfilled in their career again. 

I help my clients make better choices for themselves. 

I have not regretted a day that I left corporate 19 years ago. Ever since I have been walking on the path I sensed was waiting for me and created a comfortable multi six-figure business. The biggest threats appeared to be only in my head.

I use the same practices with my clients as I have been using my self for years. Changing awareness changes the energy and aligns you with who you are deep inside. This work changes everything.

I got the freedom I craved and can get that too.

Who's Marja?
I've always been curious about new things and for a long time I longed for my 'own thing'.
I felt longing for something that would be the path of never-ending development.
After leaving the corporate, the option suddenly fell into my lap. 
Often my clients crave a new job and career, but they don't see all the possibilities, or they can't see what the new one could be in the daily roller-coaster.

This was also the case for me in 2002, when I ended up making my first big career change for comprehensive well-being.
Along the way, I have devoured the lessons of self-management and put them into practice for both my private customers and groups.

My own development path in self-management:

• International Non-Personal-Awareness (NPA) Teacher

• International Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer

• NLPMaster Coach

• Conscious Coach: Visionary Leadeship

• The Journey Practitioner

• The Journey country presenter invited by Brandon Bays, the developer of the method, 2010-2014

• Work by Byron Katie

• Mindfullness at work teacher

• Chiqong instructor course

• Reiki Master

• Silva method

• eMBA in Leadership, University of Jyväskylä

I'm particularly inspired about the mechanism of our humane programming - and how to turn off unnecessary automations, fear and self-sabotage reactions, and how to make our true excellence visible to ourselves. Becoming aware of our excellece skills often leads to the discovery of a whole new range of possibilities and choices.
I specialize in guiding my clients to find the keys to self-management in their own body-emotional system. As we learn to work together with our own system, conscious and unconscious mind, we naturally start to make better decisions for ourselves.  

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. 

It is your turn. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your career. 


Work with me
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Begin your positive career change here:  know where you are, download my Energy Balance Pyramid Workbook free of charge

What clients say about Marja...

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You have stellar intuition and the ability to 'sniff out' when something is off when you're facilitating people. Your work on modelling is genius! You have a real gift for writing, and you 'get shit done'. You galvanize people to go through to the next level 😀 xx

- Joel

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Your superpower is that you’ll see right away people in their true colors and can help them to be the best themselves in their lives.

- Marko

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