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About me

This is why I help people after they finished their MBA and they realize they are missing great support from their studies and peers.

So, you've done your MBA, what next?

You enjoyed the support so much. Having the group of like-minded peers around felt amazing and gave you the boost to level up. Yes, you did the work on your MBA, which helps you with your career. But now that few months have passed since you finished your studies, you are missing your peers. And you are wondering what's next?

Are you fed up and hate getting up in the morning wishing you were somewhere else doing something else? - Let me help you.

It is finally time to enjoy what you do and be happy at work!

You can't make a real change on your career if you lack energy and not align with what you want.

Let's start by finding out what is meaningful for you and what fulfils you.

I get you, and this is where I can help you.

We got conditioned to believe our current circumstances are the best we can have even we feel unmotivated and unhappy. I used to be like that.

My energy level was low, and I thought my work did not make a real difference even I was working on a manager level, and they offered me a higher post.

I thought there must be something else for me.

I was not able to figure out what my future job could be. I thought what I had was the best I could get. There were so much fear and uncertainty about the future I felt drawn. I worked on my mindset, my fears, and my beliefs for six months. Then I made my decision to leap from corporate to start my own business.

I am a Career Clarity Coach who works with post-MBA's. I help my clients getting happy and fulfilled in their work again and guide them through their challenging phases.

I have not regretted a day that I left corporate 18 years ago. Ever since I have been walking on the path I sensed was waiting for me and created a comfortable multi six-figure business. The biggest threats appeared to be only in my head.

I use the same practices with my clients as I have been using my self for years. Changing awareness changes the energy and aligns you with who you are deep inside. This work changes everything.

Awareness work gave me the freedom I craved and can for you too.

We grow great leaders by leading ourselves first.

- Marja xo

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Download my Energy Balance Pyramid Workbook free of charge to get started

What clients say about Marja...

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You have stellar intuition and the ability to 'sniff out' when something is off when you're facilitating people. Your work on modelling is genius! You have a real gift for writing, and you 'get shit done'. You galvanize people to go through to the next level 😀 xx

- Joel

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Your superpower is that you’ll see right away people in their true colors and can help them to be the best themselves in their lives.

- Marko

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