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Success Recipes - Onnistumisen reseptit

Success Recipes helps you to find the ingredients of your personal success inside you. Yes, they already exist in your system. They just need to be located and tracked. At the moment the book can be ordered as pdf form in English.  

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11 Days in the Andes

Opening the mind’s eye to the beauty of a trek through the verdant dales and dry highlands of Peru’s countryside, Machu Pichu and Lake Titikaka, this poetry sees Marja joined by a shaman who cheerfully guides her over the obstacles of her journey of geographical, historical, and personal discovery.
In an epic poem of trekking-pocket proportions, Marja Koivisto shares the vulnerability of the soul, and the courage it can learn through overcoming unexpected challenges, broadening our minds as she presses on. A treasure. A companion for journeys of the mind, of the body, and of the soul.

On My Own Path

In this book, Marja is contemplating the issues of stepping to a new path, to not know, and of receiving one's dreams. Do we really have the inner allowance for all the goodies life is willing to offer us? How do we stop ourselves from receiving instead of free flow?

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Thoughts in a moment

Thoughts in an Moment is an illustrated collection of poems that reflects on issues of growth, forms of being, freedom, joy and love.


The world is changing fast. Work changes from material to intangible, from hands to ears. Certainty turns into uncertainty, prior knowledge into presence, difference from disorder into resource, therapy into one’s own growth, the importance of knowledge to enable insight. Instead of dictation, the factor of production becomes authentic interaction. The shifting and control of emotions changes to allow, rationality to personality. Instead of rules and stability, there has long been a shift to constant change and creativity. Instead of force comes flow, instead of vertical, horizontal.

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Of Itself

It is a book in itself about the flow of its own growth. As production and consumption changed from tangible to intangible, the whole of working life and the way work is done changed. To put it a little more, it can be said that nothing our parents taught us is any longer valid. In life, the rules of navigation have become different from what they were in a world based on manufacturing. NLP trainers Veli-Matti Toivonen and Marja Koivisto have long modeled the ways of thinking and acting that are needed in a new kind of work and life.

"We arrive at a ledge formed by Nature.
Miles and miles above ground, and an unimpeded view to the sky.
Come to the edge, the shaman says, spread out your arms.
Let the wind take way all redundant things,
everything that you no longer need."

- from 11 Days in The Andes, written by Marja Koivisto

What clients, colleagues and friends say about Marja...

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Your superpower is to be present, to listen, to ask questions and to push people to their right directions.

– Joni

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Marja is able with great discretion to find the core issues and bring light to where it is needed.

– Ritva

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