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It's time to find out what you really want to do and what energizes you. You deserve to feel good at work. You deserve to be fulfilled.

When the work takes more from you than it gives and you just feel drained. Even there is a possibility for promotion, you just think: "It doesn't feel right for me. There has to be something else for me. I need to make the move now no-one will hire me when I'm older in couple of years." 

Speaking to a recruit person doesn't help anything. Spending hours updating your LinkedIn profile doesn't serve either. You have no idea what the solution is - and that's where I come in. 

Career crisis clarity session:

In this session you can get really to the core of why your job doesn't feel right at the moment, why it takes all your energy and what you can do about it. How to move forward? 

On the 60 minute one-to-one session you get

  • a concrete plan and
  • a road map to fix it to move from striving to a fulfilling career at work or as a business owner.
One to one Career Clarity Session € 290,00

€290,00 EUR
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Through challenging times.

When you are willing to welcome an up-leved state in your life, let's let it in.

I will guide you and to support your journey to revealing your excellence qualities and letting in what you might not even have realized you had been missing. 

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Find your own path, your true Excellence 

95% of time we walk on autopilot. That means we are consciously aware of only 5% of our daily activities. When we become really good or excellent in any skill, we often forget overtime how we learned it. 

When we study our excellences a little, we are able to make recipes of our skills and they will lead us to our individual success stories.You have got plenty of such recipes inside of yourself!

Find your true excellence with my online course now
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Expand to the next level.

I recommend anyone to work 1-to-1 or in a group, because that is the easiest way to expand to the next level:

Scientists have proven that in a group where the atmosphere is safe and supportive, and where all the participants feel safe to express themselves fully, a connection is created between everyone's brains and – as it happens when you switch on lots of lights in a room light up at the same time it becomes incredibly bright – the group's capacity enables each participant to exceed their potential.  

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Experiencing Self Sabotage?

Self Sabotage is a tricky phenomenon. One might need a second pair of eyes and ears to realize what’s going on. It is sometimes so subtle that one easily misses it. I have missed my self sabotage many many times!

When your project does not proceed or your work gets stuck, it’s good to stop and consider, with all your senses, what is going on.

Observe your thinking, your reactions, emotions and impulses. Question them.  Process if needed and get  in flow again.

I'm here to guide you through any issue or phase you are facing. You can book your session on the link below.

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Do you want to live true your own success story?  

Through our work, I will guide you to recognise your excellent skills, to fine-tune or change career and to feel fulfilled. You deserve to live a life that truly is good: it tastes, it looks and it feels your own individual success story.

My packages for career fine-tune or career change will provide you twice monthly calls and comprehensive support for the whole period of our coaching. Please book an introduction call with me and well find out the best choice for you.

One to one Career Clarity Session € 290,00

€290,00 EUR

What clients, colleagues and friends say about Marja...

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You have an exceptional ability to create feel of presence with people you interact with, and while listening them hear what is important. This, with your big heart and desire to help people around you bring up the best of everyone you make contact with.

– Seppo

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Marja's superpower lies in making others to see what’s good in them. She is a TRUE listener. So patient and reliable. I know she would make a good leader but instead she has chosen to be a guide. A true gift.

– Miina

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