Success is liking yourself,

liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Have you lost your motivation and hate getting up on Mondays?

Your share of the business determines your voice strength, and you are not able to make the difference you want in your company. If you are an entrepreneur, you need to keep up your spirit.  

Do you miss the feeling of liking what you do? Or all three of the above?

- Don't worry, I can help you. 

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How do we work together?

You've got the education you got a nice job, but:

you are not happy about your career.

You want to be competent, and qualified for larger boots, or you want to get energized again. You feel you are walking in fog without a clear sense of direction. You don't have a hint of the inspiration left you used to have. 

Book your coaching sessions with me below and you can begin your Positive Career Change now.

I recommend six sessions package for you since change is always a multi-perspective, multi-faceted process, which can't develop in one night.

If you have any questions, please book a FREE 15-minute Career Clarity consultation with me to make a positive career change happen and feel happy and fulfilled about your work again.

Book your FREE 15-minute clarity call
1:1 coaching

60 min online coaching

€165,00 EUR
3 x 1:1 coaching

3 x 60min online coaching

€447,00 EUR
6 x 1:1 coaching

6 x 60min online coaching

€795,00 EUR
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1:1 - When you want to grow and develop your business 

You are thinking about what's next:

You are missing something, but you are not clear what. Should you continue in this job or accept a proposal from somewhere else?

No business can expand past the business owners potential to lead it. 

Your work-life can't expand past your ability to lead yourself and you can't develop as a leader past your ability to lead yourself. 

Should you study yet one new diploma?

When working together 1:1, we get clarity on your current situation, set your goals and create your steps where you want to go. You crystalize yourself what you truly value, what you want, and you will get there.

On my 4-step 1:1 program you: 

  1. get clarity
  2. clear the obstacles that are in your way
  3. create a road map to move from striving to a fulfilling career at work or as an entrepreneur.
  4. step fully into your self-leadership, be inspired and happy about your career again

Book your coaching sessions with me and you can begin your Positive Career Change.

If you have any questions please book a FREE 15-minute Career Clarity consultation with me to get clear about the best option for you. 

Book your FREE 15-minute career clarity call
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What clients say about Marja

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You have an exceptional ability to be fully present with people you interact with, and while listening to them, hear what is essential. This, with your big heart and desire to help people around you bring up the best of everyone you are in contact. Having participated in your courses for many years and also as your private client, I can say, I always got insights about myself and my career when working with you.

- Seppo

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Marja's superpower lies in making others see what’s good in them. She is a TRUE listener. So patient and reliable. I know she would make a good leader but instead, she has chosen to be a guide. A true gift.

– Miina

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