So, you've done your MBA, what next? 

You enjoyed the support so much. Having the group of like-minded peers around felt amazing and gave you the boost to level up. Yes, you did the work on your MBA, which helps you with your career. But now that few months have passed since you finished your studies, you are missing your peers. And you are wondering what's next?

Are you fed up and hate getting up in the morning wishing you were somewhere else doing something else? - Let me help you.

It is finally time to enjoy what you do and be happy at work!

You can't make a real change on your career if you lack energy and not align with what you want.

Let's start by finding out what is meaningful for you and what fulfils you.

I get you, and this is where I can help you.

We got conditioned to believe our current circumstances are the best we can have even we feel unmotivated and unhappy. I used to be like that.

My energy level was low, and I thought my work did not make a real difference even I was working on a manager level, and they offered me a higher post.

I thought there must be something else for me.

I was not able to figure out what my future job could be. I thought what I had was the best I could get. There were so much fear and uncertainty about the future I felt drawn to. I worked on my mindset, my fears, and my beliefs for six months. Then I made my decision to leap from corporate to start my own business.

I am a Career Clarity Coach who works with post-MBA's. I help my clients getting happy and fulfilled in their work again and guide them through their challenging phases.

I have not regretted a day that I left corporate 18 years ago. Ever since I have been walking on the path I sensed was waiting for me and created a comfortable multi six-figure business. The biggest threats appeared to be only in my head.

I use the same practices with my clients as I have been using my self for years. Changing awareness changes the energy and aligns you with who you are deep inside. The work changes everything.

Awareness work gave me the freedom I craved and can for you too.

- Marja xo

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On The Excellence Code course, I am guiding you to dive deep into your own strengths. You will become clear on your true and often hidden excellence. When you learn your real success formula, your true inspiration sources, and what energizes you, it is easy and natural to make better choices for you at work and in life.

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Client love:

"Marja has a stellar intuition and the ability to 'sniff out' when something is off when she's facilitating people. Her Excellence Code course is genius! She 'gets shit done' and she galvanizes people to go through to their next level."

- Joel Young, Trainer for Coaches, Creator of The NPA Process


I thought I didn’t have the go-getter quality until I realized that my gift of letting nice things to fall into my lap when I need them has the same effect as go-getters, just much more effortless.

- Miina Karske

We all have individual excellence skills in our system. Sometimes there is limiting beliefs prohibiting us to use them fully, but they can be cleared

It's time to bring our excellence up and out so we can start living our true potential. 

Through finding out about our strengths, our mastery skills and our excellence skills, even the tacit knowledge that we are not normally aware of because it seems so normal and so obvious for us that we don’t pay any attention to it, we can up-level and open up our potential more.

Client love:

"I had been wandering around as in a fog, without a clear direction for several months before Marja's course. There I realised how many good things I had managed to accomplish, how many excellent decisions I had made, so many right decisions and good steps, I hadn't registered at all. The old self-limiting beliefs vanished. I regained my self-worth and belief in my own capability. I am getting motivated again in the same way as at the beginning of my career."

- Jarmo Poukkula, Country Manager


Becoming aware of your strengths, even those tacit ones, can cause a snowball effect of good things happening to you and to those around you too. 

"Studying my strengths caused a snowball effect of good things!

When I began studying my strengths, I started to see them being in a remarkable role in succeeding at work! I was able to let my skills grow even more. Both my enthusiasm and results started flourishing. I began to see my team members' strengths much clearer too.

We all brought our strengths and hearts to work in a new way. The whole team started up-leveling: now we are more inspired and happy in serving our clients, and they experience us being friendly and easy to come to with any issue." - Anne, an entrepreneur, 6-figure business

"Our business sales increased by 20% during 2019 on due to realizing my strengths on The Excellence Code course and being able to forward the skills in my team."  Client, anonymous


I thought I didn’t have the go-getter quality until I realized that my gift of letting nice things to fall into my lap when I need them has the same effect as go-getters, just much more effortless.

- Miina Karske

"The Excellence Code: Creating Your Success Recipe" Online Course

What this course will give you?

Your excellence recipe will lead your way to happy work and career life.

The idea of The Excellence Code is that when we focus on strengths, mastery skills, on excellences and possibility, we find something that we don't normally pay any attention to.

Firstly: you will, of course, learn about your excellence code.
You will backtrack a structure of your strength, skill, master skill or excellence, and you will learn how to put your strengths in work for you, so that life will just be more inflow and energized.

1. e-book on Excellence skills

You're going to get a comprehensive e-book with background information about the excellence code, tracking your excellence and also, you get some stories of the other people’s excellence code tracking, what they found, their recipes and what new they achieved when studying their own skills.


2. Clarity on where you are at, and a deep dive to your strengths, skills and values, not to forget what you enjoy in life. 

First, you need to get clarity on where you are at. We do a proper analysis of your current situation to be able to draw a timeline to your wished outcome in future.

Sometimes we walk around on daily basis without paying attention to where – which areas – we are good at. Since all your best skills have turned into your “second skin”, it is just so natural to you that you don’t pay any attention to it. It’s something that you can handle “with your left hand only” or “with your eyes shut” and since it is like an instinctual act that happens in you – it’s not always easy to pay attention to. Let’s have fun and dive into your strengths, skills, master skills and excellences!

What are they? You are going to make a list of skills in three areas of your life:

  • Personal level
  • Work level
  • Social level

We all have skills in all these areas and here, we pay attention to as many as we can figure out. 

3. Tools to get clear on what you deepest inside enjoy and what truly drives you, tools to backtrack your skill

I have created some easy tools to help you track all you need to learn about yourself and your skills and these tools will remain in your use forever after the course.

4. Exercises

You will engage in my guided exercises in each part of this course both in video and as handouts.

I’ve also included some audio exercises that will be concentrating on neutral observation. Since neutral observation is the most important tool and skill to have when in tracking our own skills. Neutral observation is a "pre-assumption free form of being" and allows us the results that rise deep inside of you.

5. Your Excellence Recipe and The Compass

You’re going to make your own excellence recipe and create your personal compass for your life, which will help your decision-making on your work and career onwards.

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Block clearance:

We have inner blocks that prevent us from recognising our skills and certainly prevent us from drawing attention to our own strengths and excellences. We are told to be modest and not brag. So, sometimes these old habits jump in and prevent us from realising our excellences fully.

I believe block clearing is very much something that is good to do when ever we notice a block or self sabotage. I believe that life brings us lessons at the right time and when that happens, it's up to us to listen and acknowledge that it’s time to get clear.

The most important thing is to become aware, to neutrally observe and realize the animations of a block. In this course, I will guide you through some easy and effortless tools you are able to use for your block clearing on a regular basis.

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Let’s have fun and get to the next level together!

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