The Excellence Code:
Creating Your Recipe

The longer I work with people on their self-development journey, the more I’ve become aware of how we have been conditioned to believe we are limited and cannot reach for the stars and embrace our strengths.

We would make life so much easier for ourselves if we could acknowledge and make the best of our own strengths and their structure. 

This awareness requires a deep level of understanding and I regularly coach people to achieve this in my one to one sessions. Recently I realised I could help even more people if I wrote my methodology down and shared it online.

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So, I’ve created a course which enables you to dive deep in to your own strengths, mastery skills and excellences, to backtrack your skills to their origin and to then put them in work for you.

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This process really works - and will make a huge difference to your life and business -

One of my clients increased her business sales on 20% during 2019 , when she realized her true gift whilst working with me on her Excellence Recipe and put it to work within her business.

Another client thought she didn’t have the go-getter quality until she found out that actually, she had a gift of letting nice things to fall into her lap when she needed them to. It seems this was even a greater gift! So instad of focussing on the skills she didn't have, she began to embrace the ones she did and it changed everything!

I believe that each one of us has our own excellence code somewhere in our system, and very often is hidden from ourselves and this is why it takes deep work to bring this up and out so we can share it with the world.

Through finding out about our strengths, our mastery skills and our excellence skills, even the tacit knowledge that we are not normally aware of because it seems so normal and so obvious for us that we don’t pay any attention to it, we are able to up-level and open up our potential more.

When we start to really examine a certain skill, really deep-interview it with precise accuracy, we get access to the tacit knowledge too. Then we are able to become aware of the structure of our skill and identify exactly how do we do it.

By backtracking and opening our skill to a recipe we are able to apply it to areas in our life and adapt the recipe to work there. We can then teach or share our skill more easily with others.

Once we learn the thinking behind this excellence of ours - our "recipe" - we also find we can learn easier from the other people’s skills, we can exchange the knowledge on our skills, and by exchanging and sharing we can expand our own capacity and of those we are working with.

It's a truly beautiful process of understanding that helps us to expand our impact.

What I am really excited about is the excellence I see in each person, and more, I’m inspired in showing the way to each person’s own inner excellence. It is already there. Nothing to fix, not a thing to get better at. And once you create your excellence recipe, you can adapt it in any area of your life you want to.

"The Excellence Code: Creating Your Recipe" Online Course

What this course will give you?

Your excellence recipe

The idea of The Excellence Code is that when we focus strengths, mastery skills, on excellences and possibility, we find something beautiful and strong - this is because we are not focusing on our problems and fixing them, we are instead focussing on our skills.

Let's move on with an open mind and attitude of not knowing, as in universe of all the possibilities.

When interviewing someone about their mastery skill, the interviewer's most important quality is neutral observation: to even notice minute animations in the interviewee, it is then that we discover the true tacit knowledge.

Firstly: you will of course learn about your excellence code.
You will backtrack a structure of your strength, skill, master skill or excellence, and you will learn how to put your strengths in work for you, so that life will just be more in flow and energized.

1. e-book on Excellence skills

You’ve going to get a comprehensive e-book with backgound information about the excellence code, tracking your excellence and also, you get some stories of the other people’s excellence code tracking, what they found, their recipes and what new they achieved when studying their own skills.

2. A list of your skills

Sometimes we walk around on daily basis without paying attention in where – which areas – we are good at. Since all your best skills have turned into your “second skin”, it is just so natural to you that you don’t pay any attention to it. It’s something that you can handle “with your left hand only” or “with your eyes shut” and since it is like instinctual act that happens in you – it’s not always easy to pay attention to. Let’s have fun and dive in to your strengths, skills, master skills and excellences!

What are they? You are going to make a list of skills on three areas of your life:

  • Personal level
  • Work level
  • Social level

We all have skills in all these areas and here, we pay attention to as many as we can figure out. Small or big, doesn’t matter. Making a list as itself is energizing when you see how much you are able to and how much you handle with without you yourself even paying any attention to it, effortlessly.

3. Tools to backtrack your skill

I have created some easy tools to help you backtrack your skill and these tools will remain in your use forever after the course.

4. Exercises

You will engage in my guided exercises in each part of this course both in video and as handouts.

I’ve also included some audio exercises that will be concentrating on neutral observation. Since neutral observation is the most important tool and skill to have when in backtracking our own skills or any other person’s skills. Neutral observation is a "pre-assumption free form of being", a "not-knowing form of being".… And since our mind loves to ‘know’, we want to give the mind its own pathway to neutral observation.

5. Your Excellence Recipe

You’re going to make your own excellence recipe of your skill. And once created you can transfer it and adapt it to other areas of your life. And when you are aware of the structure of your skill, it’s easier to share it, it becomes easier to exchange recipes with other people. And once you exchange, you’ll add-up to yours and the other one’s skills. You’ll be able to up-level and expand. – Just based on all that you already have inside of you.

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Block clearance:

Oh, and by the way: sometimes we have inner blocks that prevent us from recognising our skills, and certainly prevent us from drawing attention to our own strengths and excellences. We are told to be modest and not brag. So, sometimes these old habits jump in and prevent us from realising our excellences fully.

I believe block clearing is very much something that is good to do when ever we notice a block or self sabotage. I believe that life brings us lessons at the right time and when that happens, it's up to us to listen and acknowledge that it’s time to get clear.

The most important thing is to become aware, to neutrally observe and realize the animations of a block. In this course, I will guide you through some easy and effortless tools you are able to use for your block clearing on a regular basis.

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Let’s have fun and get to the next level together!

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