Times of change? Stressed? A lot going on?


Welcome to receive my meditative Awareness practice which is Reiki-like energy channelling that offers you a tiny break from everything, and also helps you gently to move through inner blocks.

So you can just sit down for a moment and all you need to do is to receive.

I want to offer you a moment of just relaxing and receiving some energy to balance, to recover and to get energized, what ever you need the most right now. 

Time : Mon, 29th June, 7pm UK, 8pm CET, 9pm EET

Length: The session lasts about 30 minutes.

Place: your home, your couch or where ever you feel comfy
Price : Free

Let’s just take it easy for a moment, let's just relax and let yourself get some good, balancing and energizing vibes, what ever you need at the moment. 

Please add your info below and I’ll include you in my list and send you instructions to receive.

Let the good vibes flow.

I will gift you my Energy Pyramid Workbook as a thank you for joining in.

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