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How do you know if you are in a career crisis?

When you are in a career crisis, you feel that your old job does not fit you anymore. Probably your work is consuming too much of your energy. Maybe you think that your opinions are not valuable. You may feel you have so much to give, but you are not able to give in your current job. It can also happen that you get tired of fulfilling others' dreams. If you have something inside that is yearning to come to the surface, now is the time to act.

First of all: get clear about your situation at the moment.

What is the real problem? Sometimes it might not be the one that it appears to be. If possible, get a second pair of eyes to get clarity on your matter, because alone we only see one perspective. Professional coach brings in questions and their observations. They bring their experience and support. So, I recommend using help in getting clarity. That helps you to get to the core of the problem.

The second thing is to get clear where you want to be.

What is your goal? It is not necessary to know what specific job you want to do next, or in which company do you want to work. Most of all, get clear what do you want to experience in your new position? How do you want to feel in six months or twelve months?

 Most of the people are not moving forward because they are not getting clear on their real problem. They also think they should know exactly, what is the next job, but it is not necessary.

 Often it is even better that you only give life some guidelines what you want to experience when you are in your next job or when you are running your own business. 

 I often hear people telling what they do not want to experience, but please be clear on really describing what kind of qualities you want to include in your next job. If you list all the things, you do not like, most likely you are going to end just in the kind of place which you dislike.

So, get clarity on what you want to experience and put it in words.

The third thing is to get moving, to take steps forward.

I know this is the hardest thing: to make a decision and to take the first steps.

If you are going towards the future which you are unfamiliar to you, if possible, use help from who has taken the steps and who can lead you and guide you where you want to go. 

With these steps, you move from career crises to working with a good beat. The result might be that you end up starting your own business, changing jobs, or reinventing yourself in your current workplace. 

My mission is to help people out from a career crisis and to find a work where they feel good.

I want to help you through too.

Please, DM me, and let's talk about your plans or book a free clarity call with me so we can create your first next steps to your happy and fulfilled work life. The link is on the right side of this page.


See you soon!

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