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Uncategorized Jul 06, 2020

Hello and welcome. I'm in Finnish Lapland right now, and I really wanted to bring you to the woods, I really wanted to bring you to the naturally flowing waters, the crystal-clear clean nature and air. So I hope you can get an idea of this place even if you can't touch it or smell it, or feel it.

I'm sorry, the light is not the best for the video, but for nature, it definitely is today, because the sun is shining. And actually at this time of year the sun is shining all the time. It's called Midnight Sun, and it's pretty amazing, you know, even in the middle of the night, the sun doesn't go down at all, it just stays above these trees. I was filming it the other night at one o'clock and I think that that was the lowest point that it got to, staying above the trees, and then it started to get up again! So really, really amazing.

What I wanted to talk about today is our natural rhythm. Each one of us, we have our natural rhythm, our body rhythm, our system rhythm. And you know, it's not about dance steps, it's not about our favorite music, but it's about our body rhythm.

When I  ran into this topic some years ago, (I was just waving! There were some people and they were watching me and what I'm doing here!) So when I was running into this topic, over 10 years ago maybe, my osteopath said to me that you are totally out of your rhythm! You're out of your natural rhythm! And I went like, "What? I have a sense of rhythm, Hey, Hey, I like dancing! I have a sense of rhythm!" But then he tried to teach me what my body natural rhythm is. And it took a long time to talk, to realize, to start to be able to pay attention, so much neutral observation in my own body until I was able to realize what he really meant. And I said we all do have our natural rhythm. And it's really important. It's part of our wellbeing as human beings and to live our life to the fullest is to realize our natural rhythm.

And, you know, sometimes when you are in the middle of the daily rollercoaster or hamster-wheel, sometimes it's not so easy to realize our natural rhythm, and when we have fallen out of our own natural rhythm.

When I came up here by car, driving almost 1,400 kilometers, on the way we were staying at my friend's place. It's only about 300 kilometers from here, I guess, so that's also above the Arctic circle. They are the family that moved to their place one year ago, since they felt that they would like to have a change their life. And they had the possibility to get their work organized so that they are able to live in the area and work at the same time.

We were staying overnight at my friends', and I was curious to see how it's possible that people who have been living in the capital area, uh, BC area. So how is it possible to live with nature totally surrounding you. There is a village or a tiny city, but very small city. How is it possible to get along and do what you do, and how do you experience it? Mikko, the husband, he described it, I think in a very concrete way; he said that when he's staying home, when he's able to go fishing, or in the summertime to go picking berries in the woods, or mushrooms in the woods, or just hiking, he feels that he is in his natural rhythm. And when he goes back to the capital, he can't really sense all the, all the hustle, all the busy-ness. And he said that when he experiences everyone being so busy, he becomes busy as well. And he's taught to want all kinds of things that he doesn't want at all when he's back home in Kemieri, which is the name of the place in the country.

So I think it was interesting to hear. And at the same time I realized because I've had a quite hectic winter, I realized that I was really tired. And now being here at the lake in our area, I've realized that my body was really out of my natural rhythm. And even in these few days that we've stayed here, my body has gained back, found the natural rhythm. And then you feel high, then you feel happy, then you can let all things come and go in a natural flow, and then you feel content. And then you are able to see more, you are able to notice more, and you feel energized! So he had this revelation about his rhythm. And is wife Sari, I think that originally the spark, the idea came from her side to move back to the area where she's originally from the Kemieri area.

She described her life in this remote natural area. She said that everything she had dreamed of started to come true in Kemieri. And it's a kind of wonder that you move to this city, which has just a few thousand people, and all of a sudden you are able to give yoga lessons! People are asking for your yoga lessons, your mindfulness lessons, your lectures. And suddenly she has found her audience, a really thankful audience in that area. Also regarding her own job in construction, her expertise is valued. And all of a sudden you can find in this kind of area (it reminds me a lot of the place where we are now, where no people can be found for a few kilometers), suddenly when they moved to where they feel most natural, where, where they feel their most natural rhythm, suddenly their dreams came true. I mean dreams in regards to their living standards, they are living by a beautiful lake. You know, each morning you are able to go in when it's not winter time. If you are able to - jump in into the water and have your morning swim, or in the winter you can go skiing, or cross country skiing, or slaloming very close by. So they've been able to combine everything in that area when they just went towards where their bodies, where their systems are able to live in the natural rhythm. And my point here is that it's really good to find the natural rhythm. If you have possibility go to the nature, nature will always help us to recover, to come back to our natural rhythm.

When we are in our natural rhythm we are able to realize the possibilities we have. And we are living aligned. We are living aligned with our being, with our systems. And when we are living aligned with our systems, dreams can come true in the most unexpected ways. I mean, one could not easily think that in some remote forest lake area you could fulfill all your dreams, but yes. So where do you feel your natural rhythm? Are you regularly seeking places where you can feel your natural rhythm?

Yes, I was neglecting my natural rhythm places and moments. The last eight months was just so busy. Yeah, good excuse, but you know, life is... But now being, being back here, as my friend Sari says, being aligned with everything that is around us, not even needing meditation, when you don't normally drop into meditative state! And then in that kind of state, all the beautiful realizations just pop out. Good decisions pop out - good choices and possibilities.

You know, possibilities start to walk towards us when we are at ease with ourselves when we are in our natural rhythm.

So I'm asking you this question - how often and where do you feel that you are really in your natural rhythm? And if you have the possibility of going out to nature, what does it look like for you? Where do you feel most natural? In what kind of surroundings? What kind of surroundings are most appealing to you, and feel the best for you? What kind of forests? What kind of lakes or is it the sea? It's not the same for everyone. So where do you feel the best, most aligned with your being? With your system, finding yourself regularly in that kind of place is one key to your inner excellence code, because then you're aligned, and things start to flow.

I hope you're having an inspiring day and I'll see you soon in the next video. Bye. Marja

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