Quantum Leap of the Mind

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2020

Hello and welcome. I want to talk about Quantum Leap of the Mind.

What I mean by that is a change for the better. Our system is programmed to scan everything that is not normal in our environment, and isn’t in our range of experience. When something that is not normal happens in our environment, or we experience something that is not normal, our system starts to alert - we might not pay attention to why, but we might start feeling emotions, some not so comfortable emotions like anxiety and being scared, having fear or feeling sudden anger or hatred towards something. Then, it's good to stop and see what it really is about, since it might happen that we are running into something that is not normal to our system.

I mean, for example, the background where I come from - in our family, hard work was really appreciated. And if someone was taking it easy, that was not appreciated at all! It was said that you should earn your living by working hard. So in that thinking and that kind...

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Turning Your Existing Strengths into Excellences

excellences May 26, 2020

Trying to develop while focussing on your problems is a LOT harder than finding out what you are good, strong or excellent at already, and building from there.

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